Thursday, October 29, 2009

it's spook-tacular!!

Halloween is in full effect in our house! There are so many things to love about this time of year. The apples, pumpkins, leaves, the smell of the crisp, fall air, and of course, Halloween! We have been really getting into the season this year. Not to say that we haven't in the past. October is a special month for my husband and I. Our first date was to a haunted house, followed by ghost stories in a cemetery and our wedding anniversary is in October.

This year though, we finally have kids who are old enough to enjoy the holiday. We have been doing it up with multiple trips to the orchard (I think we are at 6!), a trip to the pumpkin farm, decorating the house inside and out - nothing too scary!

The boys (my husband included) have had fun raking and playing in the leaves. This is the first year that raking hasn't been such a chore!

I love all of the different varieties of pumpkins and gourds that are available! The boys love to carry around all of the little pumpkins they picked at the farmer's market. Unfortunately there has been a few pumpkin casualties. The squirrels are awfully happy about that!

Over the past week we have all been fighting colds, so there have been a few choice Halloween DVDs watched. Our favorite, of course, is this movie. We have also enjoyed the Backyardigans and Franklin specials. Fortunately we are all feeling better!!

Another tradition that we do in our family is our Halloween dinner - turkey reubens and french onion soup. I can't wait for dressing up, trick-or-treating, and a yummy meal tomorrow night!
I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

baby, it's cold outside!

The weather in Michigan has been below average for 20 DAYS!!! Our average highs should be in the 60's but it hasn't even hit 50 the past few days. This means that playing outside is super chilly. My mom purchased some fleece to make my boys a few scarves. She was going to borrow my scissors (super sharp sewing ones) but realized that I would need them when she was at home, so I offered to make them for her!

I started with the fleece she bought. Cute reindeer and Thomas, of course!

I cut them into 58 inch long strips that were 6 inches wide.

I pinked the edges, added fringe at the ends.


I also thought I would show you how some of the dyed onesies came out! I am really pleased and can't wait to get started on the rest.
My husband took the boys out and about for a few hours, so I'd better get to work!

Friday, October 2, 2009

i'm dying here...

Sorry about the cheesy title - I couldn't help myself! That is sadly what happens when the rain traps me inside with 3 kids under 4. I'd take them somewhere, but J sold his car and has yet to find a new one, so I am sans car right now. It's that or drive him to and from work, so I am choosing to get things done around the house!

I'm quite proud of all that I have accomplished over the past few days! The laundry is caught up, all bedrooms are cleaned and organized (except for one teensy pile of mine!), the main bathroom is clean, the dining room is organized, and I cleaned out the rec room of all excess toys. Somehow we still have too many toys. I guess I will have to keep at it!

I also began dying onesies and burp cloths. My first batch was tricky - I decided that I could figure it out without the directions. I should have known better - they are more tie-dyed than I would like. The last three batches that I did turned out much better!

The burp cloths will be getting a coordinating fabric patch and the onesies will have some super cute appliques. I can't wait to get started. Now all I need is someone to take my kids for a few hours :)
I especially love how on the darker colors (blue and brown) the thread did not change so it has a nice contrast.

I had so much fun with these four colors, I can't wait to get more! Green, orange, gray - the possibilities are endless!