Wednesday, April 28, 2010

laisser les bons temps rouler

cafe au lait and beignets here

st. louis cathedral

second oldest restaurant in new orleans

nightlife on bourbon street

we stayed here

had to take a photo of this - my husband has used the "yo mama" phrase as long
as i have known him

we spent friday at the jazz and heritage fest
i need to find a recipe for alligator pie.
so. friggin. good.
i have searched and searched.
no luck.

the rose mint tea with honey was divine!!

as the rain poured down (3 inches in an hour!) we were dry, warm, and had seats in the
blues tent!

that night we ate here

my parents have the bread pudding recipe and we have been making it for years.
its nice to have the original!

on saturday morning, my dad and i took the st. charles street car here
if you click on the link - the guys with the hat was our waiter -
he was a blast to watch!

after breakfast we went shopping on royal street in the french quarter

i LOVED these street musicians
wish i had bought a copy of their cd

our last night we ate at pascal's manale

we spent some time at their oyster bar - AWESOME!!!
then had great wine and food - bbq shrimp!
the only bad part was that the shrimp were whole
when i say "whole" i mean really
entire shrimp
heads on
not deveined
kind of grossed me out
but after a few glasses of wine - i didn't really mind!

we truly had such an amazing weekend.
i have loved new orleans since my first trip there as a child.
every subsequent trip just solidifies that love for such an amazing, culturally rich city
if you ever have an opportunity to travel to NOLA...
ca c'est bon!!

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  1. Alligator Pie the dessert or dinner? Either way, go to Google and just search for "Alligator Pie recipe" and a ton come up....or is it something different altogether?