Wednesday, April 28, 2010

laisser les bons temps rouler

cafe au lait and beignets here

st. louis cathedral

second oldest restaurant in new orleans

nightlife on bourbon street

we stayed here

had to take a photo of this - my husband has used the "yo mama" phrase as long
as i have known him

we spent friday at the jazz and heritage fest
i need to find a recipe for alligator pie.
so. friggin. good.
i have searched and searched.
no luck.

the rose mint tea with honey was divine!!

as the rain poured down (3 inches in an hour!) we were dry, warm, and had seats in the
blues tent!

that night we ate here

my parents have the bread pudding recipe and we have been making it for years.
its nice to have the original!

on saturday morning, my dad and i took the st. charles street car here
if you click on the link - the guys with the hat was our waiter -
he was a blast to watch!

after breakfast we went shopping on royal street in the french quarter

i LOVED these street musicians
wish i had bought a copy of their cd

our last night we ate at pascal's manale

we spent some time at their oyster bar - AWESOME!!!
then had great wine and food - bbq shrimp!
the only bad part was that the shrimp were whole
when i say "whole" i mean really
entire shrimp
heads on
not deveined
kind of grossed me out
but after a few glasses of wine - i didn't really mind!

we truly had such an amazing weekend.
i have loved new orleans since my first trip there as a child.
every subsequent trip just solidifies that love for such an amazing, culturally rich city
if you ever have an opportunity to travel to NOLA...
ca c'est bon!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bird on a wire

a few weeks ago
(or maybe longer!)
i participated in a mail scramble at on of my favorite blogs
i sent a simple something off in the mail
and received a simple something from someone else
sadly i have taken no pictures of the amazing, thoughtful gift i received
it came on a day when i was frustrated, tired, and ready to crawl back under the covers!
it was from a wonderful artist and mother
she has a blog that i have started reading and recommend to you
her blog is called
every time i visit her blog, i spend the next couple of hours with this song stuck in my head
i am such a HUGE k.d. lang fan that i thought i would share it with you!

Monday, April 19, 2010

a spring feast

we are making some changes in our house
after reading this and this
and seeing this
i went to the library and found these:
after looking through all of them, i think my favorite has to be the second from the top -
The New Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas
She has her recipes first arranged by season and then arranged into menus. Each menu usually has a starter, a main course, and a dessert.
i want to make EVERYTHING in there!
a few nights ago i tried one of her spring menus:
*corn tamales
*black bean soup
*mango sorbet
sorbet in the ice cream maker:

mango in the blender(out of order, i know!):

finished black bean soup (not the most beautiful picture):

fresh pico:

sadly, my tamales had to be made with foil :(
after a trip to 2 grocery stores with 3 kids under 4 in tow,
i gave up looking for corn husks!

i thoroughly enjoyed the meal! my husband did make the comment that the tamales tasted like jiffy corn mix! so i think i will try one of her other tamales recipes that call for more ingredients!
the mango sorbet called for triple sec (for flavor and to help it keep a nice texture) which i didn't use because of the kids. sadly the sorbet is hard as an ice cube, so i think i may defrost it and blend it into a nice margarita to make mango margaritas!!
overall, i loved the meal and look forward to trying other recipes from this book!

Monday, April 12, 2010

sweeten up

how do you sweeten things?

we, as a family, have been trying to eat more whole foods, less processed foods, and trying to cut most animal product out of our diet.
as the person who does the meal planning, shopping, and cooking, i have found this to be a very difficult transition.
i find i have to rethink many, many things (THE BUDGET!!)
the thing i am having the most difficulty with is my morning coffee.
i just don't like black coffee.
or coffee with milk.
i like my coffee with lots and lots of sugar.
for a long time now i have replace sugar with splenda.
now that i am trying rid our house of processed foods, what do i do?
i tried agave nectar - yuck!

oh splenda - how i do love you!

what do you sweeten your coffee, or tea, with?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

i will leave you with some crafty things i have been working on:
i have an order for twin girls - having trouble deciding on fabrics for the bibs!
just finished an order for onesies.
so much fun to make!
here are a few that i did:

guitar and tie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


one of my favorite things about spring has to be the magnolia tree.
it's fluffy, pink blossoms draw me in
and make me want to lay down
on the green grass
and gaze up for hours
watching the breeze float through the branches
i think part of the reason i am drawn to these trees are the wonderful memories of my grandmother's backyard
she had a beautiful magnolia tree in the corner
by the house
the picnic table always sat near it
she died almost 7 years ago
and although my grandfather still lives in the same house
we rarely visit
she was the quintessential host
her home was always immaculate
there was always something good to eat, to drink no matter when you showed up
we spent every holiday there
most weekends (especially in the summer - they had a pool)
my grandfather doesn't open the pool anymore
doesn't keep up with her beautiful garden
hasn't invited anyone over since she died
we do go there, but just to pop in, say hello, never to spend the day
so when i see a magnolia blossom in the spring
it feels like
just for a second
she is here

Monday, April 5, 2010

just call me "sneezy"

i love spring
really, i do
sadly my sinuses don't
that doesn't stop me though, from enjoying all that spring has to offer!
the first picture is of the rose bush that is along the side of our house
i have no idea what kind of roses they are
i love to cut long branches when some of the buds are just starting to open and put them on the dining room table
that should be only a few weeks from now
i can't wait!
below is the forsythia
it is in front of the house
it makes me sad that those gorgeous yellow flowers last such a short time
we are in the process of looking for a new house
these two bushes, along with my 3 lilacs will be the things i miss most from our yard
i just couldn't resist taking a picture of these eggs
we colored eggs with the boys so we have an abundance of hard boiled eggs
i love them with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
deviled isn't bad either!
i also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fresh spring asparagus
my favorite way to eat it is fresh out of the oven
roasted at 400F with olive oil, salt, and pepper


for easter this year, i decided to make all of my boys (husband included) a tie!
it was more hand-sewing than i had anticipated
i finished 3 out of the 4 (at 2:30am the night before!)

i must admit, they did look pretty cute!

i am now going to leave this computer and go enjoy more of this fabulous weather we are having!!