Tuesday, May 18, 2010

two creeks organics

last year we researched and considered buying a share in a CSA farm
we thought and thought
looked over our budget
and decided that we shouldn't do it
this year we decided to go for it
we've watched this
and this
and read many, many books and blogs
and came to the decision to change the way we do things

weather permitting, we have been line drying our clothes
we make or use all natural cleaning products
and we buy as local and organic/naturally grown as possible
after researching the many CSA farms in our area we decided to buy a share at
two creeks organics
a couple of weeks ago, they had a spring open house!

we were able to visit the farm and see where our much of our food will be coming from for the next four months

i took so much away from the experience

a new appreciation for the food that we eat
all of the planning, preparation, and hard work
it's going to be a yummy summer!!

if you are interested in finding a csa or farmers market near you
check out local harvest for more information

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

link love tuesday!

on this dreary tuesday morning, i thought i would share with you some things that are making me happy!

i am making this for the second time. it is SO good. i really can't get enough of it!

i LOVE her blog and just checked out her second book from the library. i would like to make one of everything in there! she is such an inspiration.

i am going to try to do this.

would like to try some of these dandelion crafts with the boys.

my cousin (ok...my husband's cousin's wife - who i wish i was related to!!!) makes me want to run right out and buy all of the ingredients for this

and finally, i am SO, SO, SO excited for this: my mother's day present from my husband! we talked about how we wanted to see david gray the next time he came to town and now we are!!! now i have to wait until august though!

until next time...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

going green

this past tuesday was a very busy day around here!
we watched big, puffy clouds roll by
stopped and smelled the flowers growing in our own backyard
installed the rain catcher that J made for me
(please ignore the mess that is my garden behind said rain catcher)
installed and hung clothes to dry on our 2 new retractable clotheslines

and built a compost tumbler!!!
i found the directions here
and here

i would not have been able to do it without my dad
he went to collect all of the supplies with me
(i called a local car wash and they gave me the 55gallon drum for FREE!)
he taught me how to use all of the tools
he talked me through the entire process without getting frustrated :)

the directions say that it should only take about 20.00 and an hour of your time...
i cost around 40.00 and took a little over 4 hours.
still not bad when you consider that the compost tumbler at costco was 99.00
and i was able to spend a day learning from my dad!

i realized that i don't have a photo of the finished composter and it is raining right now, so i will have to get back to you with that photo!

it stormed for a few hours yesterday and the rain catcher is already full!
we may make 2 more in the next week.

on a side note - i wanted to share the AWESOME fabric that came in the mail this past week:

per lindsey's recommendation
i purchased this fabric from hawthorne threads and was so pleased with the service!

i can't wait to get started - my cousin's wife hired me to make matching duvet covers for their two sons.
once i get started, i will take photos and maybe try to do my first tutorial!!

so make sure and come back soon!!

**we are also trying to eat more whole foods. we joined a CSA and have changed where and how we shop. there is a great new book with great ideas on how to eat better and save money. check out simplemom to read more about it and to enter to win the book!!