Saturday, June 26, 2010

CSA week 4

this week
before picking up our share
we headed to lunch at pizza house
we still had time to kill after lunch
so we took a walk
through the university of michigan's
law quad
i love walking through the quad
so quite
its hard to believe state street
is just on the other side of the buildings!
it brought back so many college memories
and it was fun to take the boys there!
after our walk we headed to pick up our share
some different things this week!

leaf lettuce (i think)
green cabbage
i keep waiting for a baby to pop out
can you tell i was a cabbage patch fan?

swiss chard




i also picked up more tomatoes and mozzarella
and homemade pasta from here
here is what we had for dinner thursday night:
caprese salad
pasta with chard

for the caprese salad
slice the tomatoes
slice the mozzarella
chiffonade the basil
lay it in a pile
roll it up
thinly slice
arrange the tomatoes and mozzarella
sprinkle with salt and pepper
sprinkle the basil on top
drizzle the olive oil and balsamic reduction
(or just plain balsamic vinegar)
for the pasta
cook pasta according to package directions

2 cloves garlic
mince the garlic
i used 4 onions from my share
chop the onions
chop chard
wash the chard
heat olive oil in a pan
add garlic, onions, salt and pepper
saute until soft
add the chard
pour in a good splash of white wine
cover and turn off heat
a sneak peak in the pan!
toss pasta with chard mixture
sprinkle generously with parmesan
and dinner is served!
as of a few weeks ago, i had no idea how to cook swiss chard
and then my husband's cousin's wife
shared with me her way of cooking chard
and i LOVED it!
now i can't wait to eat it!
so, if you have steered clear of chard,
go ahead...
give it a try!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CSA dinner and a movie

on monday
we headed to somerset to meet some friends for lunch
i haven't been watching the news very much lately
so imagine our surprise when we walked into the mall
and saw christmas decorations everywhere
in june!
if i had watched the news, i would have known that they were filming
"a very harold and kumar christmas"
it was fun to see a production in filming
and we even caught a glimpse of kumar
the boys were really disappointed that they weren't able to go see santa
when we got home
i started on dinner for daddy
he returned home from a 10 day work trip to scotland
on father's day
and wasn't in the mood for meat and potatoes
which is what i had been planning
but as it turned out
was all he had eaten for 10 days
so...we picked up a pizza for father's day
monday night i when i made my big meal for him
on the menu:
lemon roasted chicken (from this cookbook)
roasted veggies
steamed broccoli
strawberry pie
for the veggies
i started with the spring turnips from our share
peeled and quartered them
some fingerling potatoes that i had
i cut these into 6 pieces each
onions from our share
in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper
*i roasted the veggies in a 400 degree oven until they were soft and started to brown
scroll down to see photo

i also steamed the broccoli from our share
here are the roasted veggies
the chicken recipe calls for croutons
so i whipped up a few
the lemon chicken done and ready to carve
our chicken was from two creeks and it was PHENOMENAL!!!!
here was daddy's plate:
is your mouth watering yet??

just wait!

on to dessert!
i used this recipe as a starting point
i baked my crust
*i added this step
i used a hand mixer and mixed 8oz cream cheese
a splash of milk
a sprinkle of sugar
and a drop of vanilla
then i spread it on the cooled pie crust
layered my berries
added the big ones!
poured over the jello/sugar/cornstarch mixture
after it set in the fridge!
(sorry its so dark!)
we had a wonderful dinner
our bellies were full
and we were SO happy to have daddy back
we missed him!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

spring pea and garlic scape pesto

looking at our bounty from the market
i realized i had most of the ingredients for
spring pea and garlic scape pesto
which was one of the things the roadhouse chef had made
in his demonstration
the ingredients that i didn't have on hand
(the parmesan cheese and pine nuts)
didn't matter because i was going to freeze this
and i have heard (though not confirmed)
that when freezing pesto
you should leave out the cheese and nuts
i started with a big bowl of pea pods
i trimmed the ends
dropped them in simmering water to blanch them
after about 3 minutes
i put them in icy cold water to stop the cooking
i dried them with a towel
chopped them roughly and put them in the food processor
i then chopped my scapes and added those to the peas
i added a generous amount of salt and pepper
pulsed a few times
then slowly drizzled in olive oil
i didn't measure, just until it made a nice paste
i scooped the pesto into little ball jars
labeled it
and i now have 6 jars of pesto in the freezer!
when we are ready to eat it
i plan on defrosting a jar
putting in back in the food processor
adding parmesan, pine nuts, and a little more oil to bring it all together!