Thursday, July 15, 2010

j'ai fini

the duvet covers
calculating measurements,
measuring, cutting, sewing, ironing
all finished!
i'm pretty psyched about how they turned out!

i am working on a tutorial
although, that may take just as long as sewing them!

glad to have it finished
and ready for the next project...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

csa week 6

we received some awesome food this week!

here it is all together: i forgot to take a picture of the potatoes

d'avignon radishes broccoli
red leaf lettuce
yukina savoy
swiss chard
i also purchased

mozzarella and goat cheese from zingerman's

a beef brisket

at the northville farmers market
we purchased berries, tomatoes, and a small cabbage
we've made some really good food
this week
unfortunately all of the pictures are still on my camera
it looks like storms are coming, so we will be stuck in the house
my goal is to upload the photos and share what we've made this week
check back soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

finishing up week 4 and CSA week 5

we have been having so much fun this summer
that i have been neglecting
taking pictures
and posting.
so here i am to catch you up!
with our week 4 share
we received a beautiful bunch of beets
i couldn't resist pickling them
i trimmed and washed the beets
simmered them until they were soft
cooled them enough to peel them
then i cut the beets in quarters
chopped some of our onions from the share
put all of this in a pot with
and a little water
i let this simmer for a while
once it cooled i put it in ball jars
and stuck it in the fridge
i didn't bother preserving them
i knew i would have them eaten by the next week
and i did!
i used the rest of our lettuce for salads throughout the week
i used some of the onions and the cabbage to make this slaw
i LOVED this slaw and can't wait to make it again!
and i tried this recipe with the radicchio
also yummy!

here is our week 5 share


heirloom potatoes


of course, i purchased eggs
they are so gorgeous to look at
and equally tasty
a japanese green that is very much like spinach
radicchio, butter lettuce, leaf lettuce
we headed up north for the holiday
and i took much of this with us
what i didn't do was take any pictures
i was a little too busy having fun (and beer!)
for our fourth bbq,
we used the eggs to make deviled eggs
just basic ones with mayo, salt, pepper, and paprika
we made a big salad with all of the greens
we steamed the broccoli as a side
and roasted the potatoes
everyone raved about how good the food was!
can't wait to see what we get tomorrow...