Wednesday, April 27, 2011

earth day, easter, and tissue covers

oh, i'm so behind! so, so behind. first easter and then a wonderful trip to the big easy (more on that later!) so here i am, playing catch-up.

this week is teacher appreciation week, so i donated 75 tissue holders. i am such a procrastinator, but i did manage it get them done!

on earth day we headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather.

i can't believe that these buds are now gorgeous flowers in just a weeks time! i must remember to head out there later and take a photo them now (in the not so gorgeous weather!)

we played hopscotch (pay no mind to the messed up numbers - i wrote them upside down)

our favorite roly-polys were found.

a home was quickly made for them (i'm sure they loved it!)

on saturday, we painted eggs

on easter, we had our egg hunt. this is tahoe.

he left us a little present to hunt for also...

hee, hee...

more on the new orleans trip coming up!!

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