Monday, April 18, 2011

scenes from the weekend

happy monday!! it's snowing here in michigan this morning. i am ready for spring, but i do love the quiet calmness a good snowfall brings. this weekend i spent some time just wandering through the house with my camera, capturing things that make me smile. as i was tidying up the twins room, i was thinking about how much i love the animals they sleep with. i know they are something i will treasure always. here is t's lion. l's monkey and g-raff! (monkey does have his other leg, it's just tucked behind him)
talie resting upstairs. it's her favorite place because she is able to open one eye occasionally to look outside and make sure all is well. such a good watch-dog!
flowers (not real) in e's room. my mom brought them to me when i was on hospital bed rest with the twins. they are beautiful and really do look real.
the airplane mobile in e's room.
this silly sign hangs on our main bathroom door. my husband's grandmother brought it back from france for him before we were married. the boys think i is hilarious!!
yesterday afternoon we headed to my parents for lunch. my great-grandmother was very crafty. she was an amazing cake decorator and also loved ceramics. we are so very fortunate to have many of her lovely creations still that we bring out for most holidays. here are a few that she made.

a little egg house, with a full scene happening on the inside.
well-dressed, dancing bunnies!
She also made the decorated eggs on the stands on the left side of the picture.

i love all of the wonderful memories these decorations evoke each year when they are displayed!

what are some of your favorite easter decorations and memories? i would love to hear them!

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  1. i love these sweet mementos, especially the cute ole' stuffed animals :)