Wednesday, May 4, 2011

happy days

i'll be honest.

i don't do "that" time of the month very well.

grumpy and irritated, i am not pleasant to be around.

usually i read all sorts of blogs, mommy blogs, crafty blogs, design blogs, food blogs.

when i feel down in the dumps, i find myself drawn to really funny blogs that make me smile, no matter what.

i thought i would share some of those with you today.

hope they put a smile on your face like they have on mine!!

here they are, in no particular order:

motherhood uncensored
nothing but bonfires
suburban turmoil
the bloggess
hyperbole and a half
rurally screwed
oh noa
twenty something waitress



  1. I was not having the happiest day ever, but when I see that my writing makes you smile, it makes me smile.

    I had a dick joke to put here, but your blog is too pretty for dick jokes.

    Thank you.